Must visit: Capela d’Ossos

Capela d’Ossos

With its enormous windows and light-filled haven, the ossuary in Faro may be one of the cheeriest structures made of human bones you'll experience.


Carmelite ministers

The engraving over the entryway peruses: "Stop here and think of the fate that will befall you – 1816," a supportive update put set up by the Carmelite ministers who constructed the church that year on the grounds of the bigger church dating to 1719.


Real bones

It is not simply embellished with bones - the dividers are built from femurs with mortar. Skulls and different bones are put on the inside at customary interims, including smiling down from the barrel-vaulted roof, giving the spot a satisfying, yet spooky, symmetry. The highlight of the ossuary is a complete skeleton secured in gold that hangs at the front of the church.


The act of moving bones from cemetery plots into ossuaries after a time of time in the ground (normally seven to ten years) was basic all through Catholic Europe as of not long ago. The bones in this ossuary are the remaining parts of 1,245 friars whose bones were uprooted when the ossuary was fabricated. There are a few other bone sanctuaries in Portugal, the most celebrated being in Evora.

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