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Hi, welcome on Faro-Algarve.com, the place for all of your information about Faro! My name is Leon and I have a passion for discovering the world and meeting new cultures. I want to inspire people and show them the amazing places and location our world has to offer. That’s why I have created this website full with tips and to-do lists.


is a beautiful place to visit. It has some beautiful museums, restaurants and lot of things to do! When you rent a car in Faro, you have the freedom to see the area. There are also many flights to Faro. When you travel in the low-season, prices of hotels in Faro are not expensive.


My passion for travel

As many people It’s my dream to travel a lot. I’m from the Netherlands where I live in the Utrecht area. I love to travel to Faro, but when I’m not traveling I advise companies how to use social media and the internet to promote their business.


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Hi, welcome on my travel blog about the beautiful city of Faro! My name is Leon and I’m a travel blogger from the Netherlands. I like to discover the world and share my experience via Faro-Algarve.com. Read my personal tips and plan your next trip to Faro!


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